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chasing failure and dealing with risk in artistry

Chasing failure

If the project I'm doing is guaranteed to work then it's probably not worth doing. I appreciate the tolerance shown by my readers over the last week as I have been unpacking the failure of the full...

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Love it for what it is covington coffee in covington kentucky near cincincatti ohio

Love it for what it is

A little over a week ago I sat behind the wheel of my Toyota 4Runner watching the endless miles of red desert that border I-70 disappear behind our little 13 foot trailer. This our home--once our...

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north carolina smokey mountains sunrise shot with sony rx100 mark 4

We don’t need no inspiration

One only needs to do a quick glance at social media to see that there is no shortage of people creating inspiring work and sharing inspiring stories. So what's missing? In the few years since I...

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camping with kids

Adjusting expectations

The stories we tell ourselves determine what we create from our objective reality. For example: the fact that I have diabetes is objective--not a matter of perception or interpretation. On the other...

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