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I’m not able to buy insulin out of pocket. Not even in Mexico.

"It's pretty dramatic. My brother has casually gone through school. He's five years older than I am so he's taking his sweet time. He's 28 and he's already been off my parents insurance for three...

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I wanted to get into music theory

""I wanted to get into music theory...getting good enough to the point where I could be a studio musician. I thought about that because it pays pretty well but it's competitive and if I don't make it...

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I’ve had this box since I was diagnosed in 2012. March.

"I've had this box since I was diagnosed in 2012. March. Lots of syringes and pen caps, we just dumped them all in there. I think we did the math once. This represents thousands and thousands of...

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If diabetes was cured tomorrow

  "If diabetes was cured tomorrow and a company patented the cure, like, it wouldn't make a difference because it still wouldn't be accessible. It's not just a business, it's literally peoples...

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