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Crowdfunding with Patreon: why it’s right for “Banting’s Ghost”

There are 5 days left to see if crowdfunding with Patreon will successfully launch the Banting's Ghost documentary project. My Patreon is at $391/month pledged by 29 backers. We need to reach...

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Insulin access before incremental advancement

I've always wondered how a cure for diabetes might have any hope of actually being delivered broadly enough to make an impact in the lives of those who need it most. Today there are thousands of...

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lumix panasonic micro 4/3 cameras like the g7 are excellent for street photography

Banting’s Ghost: an insulin access documentary project

It might not work. These are some of the scariest words in the vocabulary of any creative and they are responsible for stifling the launch of countless projects that might have changed the world if...

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Here’s why I’m thankful for film this Thanksgiving

I returned home to wade through plenty of my own personal baggage that I encountered during my time at Standing Rock. It's been heavy and not at all comfortable witnessing this unfolding of events. I...

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