It’s always harder to come back out west to our tiny home from the east coast–losing time in the air and re-acclimating to a small space all contribute to the challenge. To some, the idea of flying back and forth across the country all the time and working on the fly may seem desirable. I wouldn’t call it unappealing–but it definitely comes with certain sacrifices and challenges. I am thankful to be working for myself though–check out my freelance media work if you have a small business and need help getting your name out there!

We are now leaving for Joshua Tree and our Type 1 meetup. Of course we will be reporting on the events that take place there and we are looking forward to meet all of you who are excited to get outside with our diabetes and create a new normal together.

We learned a lot the last time we towed the trailer–specifically that the cupboard doors are prone to spring open without a lot of provocation which can (and DID) create a massive mess inside. This time we will be securing all interior doors! As we head out to JTNP we will also be trying out the fridge (powering it while driving from 12 volt power and hooking up to 120 volts once we arrive at our destination. Up till this point we have been scamming power and fridge space off of friends where we are parked–now we are upping the stakes and trying out some perishables and getting a feel for the equipment.

More on that in future posts!

After Joshua Tree we are planning to spend some time in Las Vegas again and then back to Zion for some big wall climbing? No specific objectives are on my mind at this point but I would like to get on some bigger and steeper routes than previously in preparation for the spring when we will be all over the US!

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Ok. So here’s where I’d like to hear from you. I am always open to ideas, questions and comments about this post or any of the work we do!

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