I am excited to be back and finally able to continue sharing the photos and inspiration from the active Type1 community. Since my email didn’t crash along with my computer, all the photos you sent in over the previous months were safe and sound! It may sound strange but it’s still a little disorienting posting photos on a new computer.

I feel a bit out of the loop still. Moving to a new computer is a lot like moving to a new home. Sometimes you have to just pile up the boxes and flop down on the couch for a while and then unpack sporadically when you need a hidden item. Not like I know anything about that kind of procrastination personally. I’m just guessing from what I’ve heard

Some of these photos have no caption…and some of them really don’t need a caption. That’s kind of the point of these posts. We are accomplishing great things every day–in the ways that we work and play–and it’s clear to see that we go beyond diabetes.

If you want to be featured in an upcoming Go Beyond blog post just submit your photo and a description to steve@livingvertical.org

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