What is the active diabetes community getting into this week? Our goal is to motivate and support through this initiative. Keep the awesome photos and stories coming–I look forward to seeing these photos from our community as they go beyond diabetes every single week.

We have climbing in the Sierras from Chelsea who was just diagnosed, and from many other PWD who are getting after it: backpacking in Canada and Colorado for the first time with type1, ultra-marathon running in California and horseback riding in Singapore–just to name a few. So then where will YOU take your diabetes? We all have something that we use as an adjunct to our T1 management. Diabetes can’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why we are bringing these little snapshots of adventure and activity–thriving to you each week. This is normal. It’s not easy and it doesn’t mean there is no struggle involved but it’s just what we do.

Keep the shots coming!

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