Some new and exciting updates taking place as we move out of Diabetes Awareness Month–and with it I have completed a trailer for the Wind River Project where that tale will continue to evolve and unfold. I strongly encourage you to check it out–because I wrote up the story of our time and events over there–and in the meantime, here is the latest and greatest episode number 6 of the Diabeticast with none other than Matt Spohn–it’s good to finally start telling the story of our expedition–I really think this is one you will enjoy!

I know this is a short post but it’s really more of an update to point you to the trailer and the project page for the Wind River Project because that has been my biggest focus of late. I started to work on the trailer and listening to the interview footage made me think that this would be a good intermediate step for getting you psyched for the film while it is in production. Being completely honest, that is a process that may take any length of time due to my change of schedule with a new job–so I am happy to take advantage of this time and put a dent in the project.

wind river project climber matt spohn


I am excited to start getting some of this cranked out–enjoy the write up and the new photography that I have posted as well. Much more to come…but not without a lot of work!