Last weekend when I was at the Gunks in NY shooting the SmashDiabetes video and climbing with Jeffrey Lash who has been a blog guest a few times and a big part of Team LivingVertical–we wound up encountering some less than ideal weather and had to take a day away from climbing. As Jeffrey and I sat around in my dads house chatting about coffee, parenthood, diabetes and climbing–I realized that this was a podcast waiting to happen!


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I quickly set up some audio capture and presto! Jeffrey Lash is officially the first guest on the LivingVertical Diabeticast! I don’t want to give away all the goodies of what we discussed–because it took me about 4 hours of editing and recording to do produce the podcast and I am not looking to transcribe it word for word.

However, one thing that really hit home to me was how diabetes–which can be isolating–has also created partnership and community in our life. Climbing and diabetes share the element of challenge and both foster connection and bonds as people face these challenges together. Jeffrey and I explore the partnership that diabetes creates as we take on serious adventures together as well as a lot more–and a few of the stories of our Type 1 Climbing trip this past summer with Team LivingVertical.


Of course this got me thinking about the hard drive full of photos, video and stories that still need to be edited and processed. So aside from a sweet podcast, this time with Jeffrey was good motivation to get our team video cut together. I’m pretty exciting to show you the footage and share more of these awesome T1 climbers who have changed MY outlook on life with diabetes.

As always, I hop you enjoy the podcast–if you have guests to suggest or topics you’d like covered, let me know! Meanwhile, hit up our store and buy photo prints so we can afford the webhosting costs necessary to make the podcast–also leave us a review of the podcast on iTunes!