I’ve decided to try my hand at creating a diabetes podcast. I have been looking forward to this for a while, as it will afford a different type of content than I have been able to provide through blogging. Storytelling is harder when you’re trying to keep it to 350-500 words. Podcasting gives me some elbow room and a chance to use my “NPR voice” as it’s been called…

If you subscribe, I’d be pretty stoked. Search “LivingVertical” on iTunes and subscribe or if you’re using a different App our direct feed URL can be found HERE I know that not everyone avidly follows podcasts, so if you’re not looking to subscribe to a podcast and just want to stay tuned in to the blog, never fear, each episode of the Diabeticast will be broadcast right here on the blog as well!

In addition to telling stories, I hope that this diabetes podcast will provide a resource; a platform to inform and inspire the active type1 community. Exercise is such a huge part of good health and diabetes management that it seemed to me like we could use a podcast that showcases athletes with diabetes who make it a habit to push their limits. What they do may be only half the story–how and why they do it is the information I will be bringing to you!

Special thanks to Montes Rook for the use of their music–check them out for free downloads of their albums!