When we started out on Project365 in 2012 we almost didn’t film it. I didn’t know anything about filmmaking or editing. Stefanie thought it might turn into a complicated sh-tshow, trying to learn to film, edit and write while climbing every day, updating social media and…living out of a car.

She was totally right. It was one of the most difficult things we have ever done but also one of the most rewarding experiences because all of the trial, error, failure and occasional learning all belonged to us. I don’t know if I would do it all the same way again if it were 2011 and I knew then what I know now. Correction. I definitely wouldn’t do it the same way. But that’s life, right?

However, after the fact, the project is over and we are moving on to new things–but we now have a finished work that is making strides long after the climbing is done.

Project365 (which now has it’s own Facebook page which you should LIKE AND SHARE) has been accepted into the Burbank International Film Festival AND…has been nominated for “best short documentary”! I honestly can’t believe that a shoestring production like the Project365 film has been able to get this kind of reception and appreciation!

It looks like the future is bright and just beginning for this work and as always we have YOU to thank for supporting and encouraging this effort! Help us promote the Project365 Facebook Page to empower people with diabetes!