I am sitting on a couple months of raw photos and video and an incredible couple of stories and blogs from this summers foray into the Wind River Range and then City of Rocks in Idaho.

The only problem is, my life is a series of plane flights and frantic back and forths–fragmented into cardboard boxes, backpacks and bags. That doesn’t lend itself to processing and rolling out media. Hell, just managing my blood sugar day to day on the road–stressed out from being so disorganized–is a monumental task.

This dichotomy has been fueled by the fact that I am still embedded in Utah while Stefanie and the baby are still embedded in Boston.


Trying to split time has been too much effort and it’s not good for us personally, nor is it good for LivingVertical. So we are refocusing and rolling with the punches in order to keep moving forward, not straightforward with type1 diabetes–because we have a lot of exciting developments, media, projects and events that are in the hopper for the upcoming year.

Long story short, I am heading back to the east coast to consolidate the family and take the next steps with LV from that point. As we refocus, here are some of the next steps under consideration: Maximizing the exposure of the Project365 documentary, making
team LivingVertical more of an adventure based diabetes community than a distinct “team”, diabetic climbing events/trips, SweetestSummit programs, publishing a book, selling photo prints and tutorial/educational blogs and YouTube releases–as well as the creation of an awesome short film of the Wind River Project and lots of blogs and photos! These times of transition are important because they help us figure out what’s working and what’s not–and where our heart really is moving forward.

See something you like in this list? Tell us about it! Don’t see what you’d like here? Tell us!