Writing blogs from an iPhone is a chore, hence why I have been avoiding it in the midst of all the other chores that are part of climbing and living out on the road for extended stretches. Today it’s rainy and some free time is just begging to be spent…on the blog!


After wrapping the Wind River Project which was a tremendous effort–and a historic success (we became the first all diabetic climbing team to establish first ascents and to free existing aid lines–up to 5.13) we are now in Idaho, climbing at City of Rocks.


The Wind River Project was a concentrated short film effort that will hopefully be complete this fall/winter with corresponding blog/photo/social media content–with a powerful message of empowerment.




I still have a LOT of editing and writing to do since I’m still on the road and won’t be home for a few weeks–and I am also kind of in the process of moving…but it struck me this morning that the whole point of empowerment isn’t about making diabetes fun or “cool”. Diabetes is a lot of different things at different times. Empowerment that we promote through climbing is about giving everyone the right to make diabetes what we choose.


I look around on social media and I see a lot of fixed values attributed to diabetes–usually negative. I’ve been struggling with my blood sugar on this trip and that hasn’t been fun. I’ve been away from my family too and that’s been harder than anything.


At the end of the day though there is no good or bad, just things that happen to us. It’s hard seeing so much support for a predetermined negative mindset about diabetes–even though that’s a pretty understandable approach because it’s difficult.


We don’t have to accept the popular negative narratives–we can write our own chapters. So that’s what we did in the Wind River Project through our climbing. That’s what we are continuing with right now–as we are shooting for some additional L.E.A.D. YouTube shorts about the nuts and bolts of diabetes management as it relates to adventure and climbing…we want to help create resources to give everyone the tools and motivation to push themselves out of their comfort zone and beyond the limits of diabetes.