Change comes slowly. But with progress, it DOES occur. I’ll cut to the chase because this isn’t another rambling post about one of my existential crises. Yet. Maybe in a few paragraphs…for now it’s an announcement!

The LivingVertical Shop…is, at long last, open! This means that you can now buy DVDs of the Project365 documentary, (also available as digital download) and LivingVertical Tees. In the future, we will be selling books and limited edition photo prints as well!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.47.12 PM

This is a big step. Ok, fine, to be fair, it’s still me selling tees and DVDs out of cardboard boxes in my CRV. It’s far from a Swiss-watch merchandising operation. It’s going to be another slow path that will undoubtedly contain bumps and ruts. The good news is that it’s a starting point–and who knows where that can lead!

LivingVertical has always been supported by you–real people who connect with the message of diabetes empowerment and get behind it. That support has been a gift–because you were willing to invest in an idea that couldn’t initially stand on its own. It gives me a lot of hope and excitement to be able to actually offer products that represent the fruit of those investments–and opportunities for this message to grow as Team LivingVertical is gathering steam to do some incredible things in the coming months and years partnering with Insulin for Life.

I’ve said many times that I’d love to find corporate support that would allow us to give tees and DVDs away for free and simply focus on climbing projects and outreach–but now that’s a luxury, not a necessity. Getting the message of empowerment out to as many people who will look or listen–that’s always been the goal. The official opening of a shop, even a jingus, duct-tape-and-shoestring one, brings us closer to the assurance that we can be sustainable.

If you love what we’re doing, share these products on your social media. Help us get the word out. If you hate what we’re doing, subscribe to our YouTube Channel–remember, at 5k subscribers we will release the full documentary free, online–so you can remove 2/3rds of our inventory that way too…