I always liked to say “I’m not a film maker or distributor. I’m just a climber” in answer to the question of “how and when” I was going to release the documentary that has quite honestly consumed the last year of my life like the proverbial swarm of locusts.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.44.53 AM

Quite honestly, sitting on my ass in front of a computer has failed to make me a filmmaker or give me any insight into distributing a film of any kind. It’s also made me wince a little when I say the ‘I’m just a climber’ part–because I have been DOING less–and that flies in the face of everything that LivingVertical stands for.

In short, I want to stop trying to be something I am not (a film producer), and move on. The Project365 Documentary is complete and I want it seen by LOTS of people, not kept under wraps. I have bigger things to move on to–which I’ll mention in passing– has anyone checked out the L.E.A.D initiative? This is what Team LivingVertical is going to be up to–and later this week I will reveal the 2014 L.E.A.D. expedition manifest…But I digress…

So let’s quit blowin’ on the fur and get to the hide!

LivingVertical is going to release the Project365 Documentary on our YouTube channel. Free. Share it. Poach it. Enjoy it.

Here’s the catch. Before I just give away two years worth of work, I want to make sure that the documentary doesn’t just fizzle out–because then all this has been for nothing. Having a solid audience will ensure that the message of Project365 and the future installments of the L.E.A.D initiative have the greatest impact possible. We are not looking to just get one film out. We are just getting the wheels turning on a growing movement, that YOU built!

The full documentary will be available online when our YouTube channel reaches 5,000 subscribers. So go ahead and click over, subscribe and you’ve done your part. Additionally, if you don’t want to wait as long, ask your friends to subscribe too. The fact that you are here reading this blog means that statistically, you are open to wasting SOME time on the internet in a given day. Why not allocate a little of that time to spreading a positive message of empowerment?

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.46.25 AM

I’ve done my part and created the finished product. Now it’s your turn to bring it home. Literally.

But let’s just say, for arguments sake that your friends don’t know if the Project365 creative concept is worth the act of subscription on YouTube. Granted, I’m no Miley Cyrus (she is #2 ranking on all of YouTube) but if you want to see some collateral, I cut together a short format edit of the Project365 Documentary that I believe will set the tone and get you psyched for the full release–and give you something to SHARE!

1) Watch the Project365 Short Doc on YouTube (It’s different than the full length, so check it out even if you’ve been to a screening!)
2) Subscribe to LivingVertical on YouTube
3) Share the Project365 Short Doc and ask friends to subscribe.

Pretty simple. SO–if you leave us hanging, that means that you are ok with living in a world where Miley Cyrus gets more attention for twerking than the LivingVertical message of Diabetes Empowerment. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

( I tend to think that this will be the first and last instance of THAT word appearing anywhere on this site, so savor the flavor, people!)