If you have been following what we have been up to here, you may remember our first SweetestSummit D-Family Adventure Weekend in 2013. It was without question, a life changing moment for me and for many of us here in the trenches at LivingVertical. It was a chance to truly share the mission of diabetes empowerment through hands on adventure and experiential learning in the wild–and it went so well that we want to do it again in 2014 by building on our first venture.


Here’s the catch–we put on this past summer’s offering with next to no budget. We had to borrow gear from local friends and swap in our own when we exhausted our resources–and it was a great outing, albeit small and intimate. Our goal is to raise funds to expand these efforts to more families with diabetes by auctioning off two round-trip Jetblue airplane tickets by Christmas!

Stefanie has recently been opening the SweetestSummit website and we are slowly developing that alongside LivingVertical to extend hands on programs to PWD (people with diabetes). Our goal is to keep the SweetestSummit programs 100% volunteer run and funded by contributions from the public. So. If you’re thinking of making a grand gesture through a gift this holiday season, please consider bidding on these tickets up for auction. Not only is it a great way to take a vacation or get away–the money from your purchase will go 100% to helping kids with diabetes get outside and empowered.


As always–thank you for helping us go beyond diabetes! Every time we need help, it comes through. If you can’t bid personally–you can always share this fundraising campaign with others!

Special thanks to LivingVertical creative director Nick Percell for sharing these awesome photos!