This weekend was a snowy mess in the Northeast–apparently the weather systems didn’t get the memo about the Project365 film premiere! The good news is that we still managed to draw a crowd of about 50 people in spite of the weather. It was great being able to watch the audience watching the film–I have seen it so many times myself that it has gotten a bit repetitive for me, but it’s almost like seeing it through a fresh perspective when a crowd of people comes from all over the tri-state area to spend their time with us.

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I enjoyed climbing with everyone–especially the kids. This always reaffirms my faith in the future of humanity–seeing how fearless they are and how they just get after it. I always enjoy seeing parents of a child who is climbing for the first time hand them over with a bit of trepidation–and then the youngster blows them away by just crushing it!


Those moments were the richest takeaways for me, far beyond the success of the film. A lot of people are excited about the quality of the film–one dear friend, Trevor Kelley, who was my partner in climb back before there was an actual “Project365” when the idea was still hatching–asked me who did the production for the film. I really enjoyed being able to say “Dude–that was my most recent project–I taught myself to edit and wrote the story after going through all the footage”. Notwithstanding, you have read here (many times) how many hands have labored in the creation of this finished product. I want to specifically thank Peter Darmi gave us a professional product through the benefit of his years of experience in the field.

This is the completion of one chapter. Now we begin another. Getting the film out there–and then what? Well, I think that this weekend may have been some hint of what’s to come; we have been seeing a lot of potential and interest in SweetestSummit programs for 2014–and get this–we have a beautiful new website (click over and see!) that Stefanie built in her free time. She has been sacrificing a great deal of time and effort to help grow those programs while working her job–and I couldn’t devote my effort to the film and Team LV if it were not for that.

And speaking of Team LivingVertical, there is a project waiting for us this summer that will go beyond Project365–and of course I’m going to make you guess about what that entails because I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself–but we have a sizable team of climbers, with a variety of skills and we need something to sink our teeth into…somewhere remote, with unclimbed rock, unpredictable weather and spectacular scenery. Hmmmm…