If you follow us on Facebook you probably saw the announcement of our first screening of the completed Project365 documentary. We actually have an EVENTS page that you can check regularly to see where we are going and what we are doing…but I digress. It’s going to be really awesome–we will have LivingVertical merch to give away, to raffle off AND we will have a silent auction to benefit our 2014 SweetestSummit Programs. We will be auctioning off TWO round trip tickets from Jetblue, FROM any city they fly TO any city they fly!

livingvertical screening

I am so proud of the fact that this film was a grassroots effort–produced through hard work and sacrifice rather than a big budget. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to try the big budget approach, but it’s really significant to see what can happen when normal people get behind an idea and push to make it happen–and that’s what we–and by ‘we’ I mean ‘you’– have done with this film. It’s been a community undertaking from day one and that is the message!

In keeping with this community centric approach, I’d like to ask you to look around in your area to help connect us with local venues that would be interested in hosting a screening. Climbing venues, diabetes orgs/groups, schools, hospitals…anywhere that people will be motivated enough to get us a place to show the film, we will bring it there and present it. We are excited to partner with the NYC JDRF chapter for our launch of the film and hope that this type of event and partnership can be replicated in many communities across the world–creating opportunities for climbing, empowerment and community growth through this film.

Please EMAIL US and SHARE this post if you’d like to get involved and can help us bring Project365 to YOUR community!