If we are fighting diabetes then consistent exercise (combined with a reasonably healthy diet) is how we punch our adversary in the throat. That is the gem of wisdom that I have distilled from this first week of testing, getting active and testing again-every day for at least 15 minutes. It’s simple. It’s not always easy or convenient but it’s about getting back to basics.

Its no secret that the last several months have been challenging for me diabetes wise–which of course trickles down to every other aspect of life. The BigBlueTest has given me an opportunity to really get back on my feet in this fight and build momentum. So far this week I haven’t been scaling rock faces (for the most part; I did deviate once and wind up the side of a cliff). Most of my BigBlueTests have been really mundane things like…walking. Taking some time to push away from the computer and put one foot in front of the other.
Just walking...nothing fancy.
Just walking…nothing fancy.



Im also at the end of my lease here at my apartment, so that means I have to find somewhere else to live. It’s stressful, but there is some benefit in the exercise. I place a lot of value in spectacular places and experiences, but ultimately one has to be willing to take the small steps that get you from one place to the next. Everything happens in stages, in cycles. Rising and falling. Some days are harder than others and that is ok–its part of the process. The BigBlueTest has given me an opportunity to get back up and start riding the next wave, filled with limitless potential.


The weather here bas been magnificent and it’s a struggle to tear myself away from planning the “next big project”. I keep looking at these amazing objectives…big walls, boulders, overhanging limestone…it all speaks to me. At the end of the day I can’t get there by sitting here and talking. Doing is always more effective than talking–and just doing a little is where all the big things start.

Rob, helping me search for good ideas, somewhere in the abyss...
Rob, helping me search for good ideas, somewhere in the abyss…
Where will these small steps take us? No way to know without just getting out there and trying. Fifteen minutes a day isn’t a lot but it’s a start. I’d love for you to join me–three weeks left to do the test and log it at www.bigbluetest.org. What you do matters–and you have the chance to share it and help others!