Let me preface this post by noting that I am enroute from NY to UT but I am stopping to write this update because I want to share how this moment feels.

When I woke up this morning our funding campaign was 2500 or so short of the goal. I was worried. I was trying to figure out a good concession blog, thanking everyone for their help and figuring out how to press on.

But all that is obsolete now.


We did it. YOU did it. From the beginning of Project365 we asked for support and you gave it. The project happened. Now, the film will happen and be a finished, professional work that will help that message of empowerment LIVE and grow. You have paid that forward and given that gift to many people with diabetes and their families, who you may never even know about or meet. We did that together. I feel so honored and blessed to have been a part of this.

I am so humbled that you all have so much faith in LivingVertical. It means everything seeing this in action. Every single one of you who helped–contributing, sharing, liking, recommending…it’s amazing.

So what makes this even more amazing, is that this afternoon I headed to meet with Jeffrey who has guest blogged here, as a fellow Type 1 climber. When we met up, I was busy worrying about funding and all of what “comes next”.

We had such a great connection–through the climbing and diabetes–that I just stopped worrying. And suddenly, we were closing on on 100%…what better way to celebrate than with a TeamLV climbing session!



I started off the day wondering and worrying–but I let go of expectations–which have been TOTALLY exceeded.

Now I must turn my attention to the road between PA and UT… If you want to join, I’ll be all over Facebook between here and there.

Oh–I am SO excited to thank all our project contributors with the finished movie. I believe you will not be disappointed with the work that has been done!