You may (or may not) be wondering what happened since I arrived in Tanzania as I detailed in my previous post. I promise I will get to that soon enough, but I want to process and edit photos before I get too in depth there. For now, suffice to say that I went there and did not perish on the mountain.

Currently, I am making my way home by way of Europe. Having friends in Scotland and family in Germany dictated that I take the opportunity to stop off in the old world since it is quite literally “on the way” and I could in no way afford to make a separate excursion to Europe just for leisure purposes.

Having spent a couple eventful days waiting for lost baggage to arrive and hoping that the insulin contained therein would not be ruined, I got to explore a bit.

I know it may be disappointing, but I haven’t been exploring the vertical Scotland. I felt thrashed after Kilimanjaro and I just want to do “normal” things and try to gain some weight back.

My usual is 185lbs and I was 170lbs when I left the US before Kili. I’m sure I lost some bulk while on the mountain, with all the stomach issues…so I’m exploring taking more insulin and eating more carbs. That’s been outside my comfort zone for a long time.

It turns out that I enjoy eating more than I remembered. And the food here–wow! Not only does it taste amazing–it’s actually “real” food. Comparing the ingredients lists in virtually everything, it strikes me how much less processed and stuffed with chemicals the food is here in the UK.

Peanut butter for example, is just smashed peanuts and sea salt. That’s it. That’s normal! You don’t have to pay way more to get simple, straight up food–and there’s something really amazing about that.

Yes, I have been eating Haggis every day for lunch and sometimes breakfast too…and it’s so great to have access to foods that are unheard of in the US. But the Haggis is only half of the battle–everything is higher quality food wise. It makes me wonder why we don’t demand higher quality in the states. We get all the movies and electronics before everyone else, yet we accept lower quality foods readily.

On the other hand, it’s harder to stop eating. The food is just so…wonderful that I’ve about doubled my insulin intake. For now that’s ok–but it’s going to be tough to get back into austerity/training mode. Speaking of which, I’ll need to decide on my next project. Soon. Once I get the movie finished and complete the film tour!

Next stop, Germany, then back to the states.