As I head out to take on a new challenge unlike anything I have done to date, all I can do is rely on the support of you here at home, to keep the momentum going and the stoke high–share the blog, the website, the funding campaign. Help us make some noise about this film!

We have 1800 some odd followers on facebook–we need less than $3.00 apiece to close the gap and put this production in the bag! Thank you so much to all of you who have shared and contributed! It means so much…

This past week has been a whirlwind. The North American Conference on Diabetes and Exercise. My endo appointment. Pills. Scripts. Kicking off the funding campaign for the post production of the Project365 documentary–and planning venues for the film tour this fall when I return from Africa. I was able to get out for a hike and climb yesterday, in hopes of breaking in my boots for Kilimanjaro–it felt great to be back on the rock and as frequently happens in moments of exposure, I remember how blessed I have been, to have this life with all of the ups and downs. Even more, I have been so privileged to have so many partners on this path–and that is simply amazing!


In the first week of our funding campaign, we have almost reached 50% of our goal. I mean, I knew our supporters were generous, but I am always blown away by just how generous you are. We have had a number of anonymous contributors whose wishes I am always willing to respect in terms of non disclosure, but I wanted to publicly thank all our contributors:

  • Manny Suriel
  • Paul Lash
  • Jessica Serratore
  • Maria Qadri
  • Kriszta Tolnai
  • Abigail Barzallo
  • Ryan Wiebe
  • Justin Chiarot
  • Peter Hammer
  • Shelley Buckingham
  • Danielle Dory and Oliver Brady
  • Josiah Keller
  • Cynthia and Jaim Zuber
  • Erin Petrovic
  • Jerry Nairn
  • Stephen Meo
  • Keith Bierd
  • Nat Smale
  • Jeanine Reed
  • Anna Rehkopf
  • Jamie Ford
  • Ross Peterson
  • “photosinpink”
  • Aaron Roecker
  • Kirsten Gram
  • Christie Shanafelt
  • Rob Muller
  • Anonymous #1
  • Anonymous #2
  • Anonymous #3
  • Anonymous #4
  • Anonymous #5

I have been humbled repeatedly in this process of creation–from the start of the project to this point where I am seeking to complete the film and move on to what comes next. We are 46% of the way “there” at the time of writing. I believe we will make it to 100%. But I have to get on a plane tomorrow and travel to another continent and begin shooting for the next video release as I climb Kilimanjaro with a team of T1 athletes. This means I am going to have limited access to posting on social media. I intend to keep up as best I can, but my attention will first and foremost be on capturing imagery.


Onwards and upwards!