One of the first things thoughts I had when I completed my 365th consecutive day of climbing, and Project365 was ‘what next?’ I actually had a great deal of anxiety in the weeks following, trying to figure out what I should do to build on what I had accomplished. In the next several months I will be revealing several ways that LivingVertical will grow–and what it has to offer the community.

But the most immediate news is that of my involvement with an expedition of 10 climbers, all of whom share the common bond of Type 1 Diabetes and the intent of summiting Mt Kilimanjaro together this September! This expedition itself is called, T1D Expedition–Going Beyond Together and is not a LivingVertical undertaking–it is actually sponsored by the World Diabetes Tour (WDT) in partnership with Sanofi-Aventis–but my decision to join this team was based on the fact that the mission of this climb is diabetes empowerment: showing a positive view of life with diabetes and that we can take our diabetes anywhere we choose!


As with Project 365 I will be keeping a rigorous account of all of the ups and downs leading to the summit–with the goal of producing another film to share about the experience–and I invite you all to stay tuned and follow the next LivingVertical endeavor: ProjectKili (if you are a twitterer/instagrammer, look for #projectKili)


The summit is only halfway. Climbing a mountain, or a boulder–that is purely arbitrary. Why we do it, what we see from the top and what we return to share with others–that is the destination. We have been so blessed with support, love and encouragement from so many of you…that is the takeaway point of all of this–I will have lots of chances to blog about my training for altitude, international travel and expedition style climbing–all of which are foreign to me; but I know that I have the support of some amazing people and that is what put me in a position to take this next step.

Let’s go, together.

ex post facto: lest we forget the obvious, The statements and opinions expressed on this site are those of LivingVertical and do not represent those of Sanofi Aventis (or any other company)