The last week has been quiet on the blog–but things have been busy nonetheless. As you know from the previous blog, we have been dealing with the differing directions available to us and began moving forward with plans to host our first outdoor adventure program for families with diabetes in Zion National Park from July 24-29th. 

This new development left us at a momentary impasse–one organization with a lot of different “things on its plate” would not do justice to the awareness efforts of Project365 or the actual activity programs we want to run starting in July. The reality is that Project365 was only scratching the surface of what I have had in mind for similar awareness projects–and running a four-day adventure program only scratches the surface of the activities we are poised to offer for people with diabetes. What to do?

LivingVertical originally began with the intent of offering adventure programs–Project365 was going to be a vehicle to raise awareness and get people with diabetes excited about getting outside and active with us. As it turned out, Project365 and the documentary took on a life of its own and spawned the possibility to do more (and bigger!) awareness projects by including more climbers with diabetes. Rather than trying to redirect this momentum into other offerings, we believe that a second organization should stand alone to facilitate the adventure programs–and so we give you SweetestSummit!

Join us in the vertical world!

SweetestSummit Inc is a not-for-profit adaptive guide service for people with diabetes operating in and around Zion National Park in Utah. I will be volunteering my services as a guide along with several other climbing and canyoneering experts that I have worked extensively with–professionally and recreationally–to offer exciting programs that will empower the diabetes community and bring us together through vertical adventures. SweetestSummit is a 501c3 non profit organization whose name came from the idea that the sweetest summits are the ones we can share together!

LivingVertical will continue to promote diabetes awareness through climbing and the corresponding imagery and media you have come to enjoy–as well as promoting the outdoor programming of SweetestSummit to enable PWD to DO more outdoors and push their limits in new ways. Completing the documentary and making that available to the public as a free educational resource through our website is still going to be the foremost task for now.  It is scary to start a second “new” endeavor on some level–but it also seems to make a lot of sense to separate the two endeavors we are working with so that each may grow to its full potential with clarity rather than attempting to juggle roles within a single organization.

I know that every solution comes at a cost–and risk is part of that cost. From the outset I have sought to follow the simplest path that would allow the greatest impact. This transition may or may not go off like a Swiss watch, but I believe that we will sort it out and make it fly. I am so thankful for all of the support we have received so far and I can promise that this new endeavor will build on what has been accomplished so far and compliment it (and vice versa). I would like to ask for your support as we launch the SweetestSummit Facebook and Twitter accounts today–and in the coming weeks as we launch brand-spanking new websites for both LivingVertical and SweetestSummit.

This is a work in progress–a concept which at one time would have been really intimidating to me. Looking back at the arc of Project365 and seeing it grow from literally nothing but dreams, inspiration and your support–well, all I see is possibilities and opportunities now! 

I want to close by thanking Daniel Quintana for donating his expertise in graphic design and creativity–he designed the SweetestSummit logo brilliantly!