I’ve never been big on Valentines day or any of the other so-called “Hallmark-holidays” that are just geared to make people feel obligated to open their wallets, so when I heard about the “Spare a rose” initiative from the International Diabetes Foundation, I decided to see if it would provide a suitable alternative to the usual fare of stuffed animals, balloons and flowers.


Check out this link and see for yourself!

In short, this Valentines day, how about we do something different to celebrate love? Why not take some (or all?) of the money you would normally spend on flowers (hence the name of the initiative) or candy–and donate to a good cause. My focus in this blog is related to raising the bar and empowering people with diabetes–and this initiative represents empowerment at the most basic level. I know I take for granted the availability of insulin and testing supplies–the basic tools that allow me to climb and adventure.

I imagine waking up for breakfast and not being able to take enough insulin to cover my meal and having to sit there and know that my organs will begin rotting from the inside as a result of elevated blood sugar. That would be a big deal if I had to go through that for even a few days! Meanwhile there are people out there for whom this is everyday life.

I would like to one day (sooner than later) lead expeditions to help bring aid to the various mountain cultures that lack access to Insulin and other diabetes supplies. I’m pretty sure that many of us would like to do that–but here is an opportunity to help RIGHT NOW, just by giving a few dollars. That’s right, you can still budget this into your Valentines celebration and have a good explanation for not going with the “full dozen” roses.

Here is more information on the “Spare a rose” initiative and how you can get involved and help get the word out!