Ask most people what the goal is in climbing a mountain and they will tell you “get to the top”. The summit experience is where all the pictures happen and what everyone gets congratulated for. Tenzing and Hillary aren’t known for being the first team to make it back down from the summit. Nevertheless, the true goal in climbing a mountain is to get back down again–and that fact tends to be much less widely appreciated.


If one question has stood out from the rest since the completion of the project, it would have to be “what are you going to do next?”. It has been a repeated query from you all and it has really hit me hard because it is the most pressing question on my mind as well. Every day I walk outside the apartment and I see a lifetime’s worth of good rock to climb–but I don’t have another climbing project in the hopper right now, at least nothing on the scale of Project 365. The truth is that while it is easy to celebrate having climbed with diabetes for 365 days straight–we are only half of the way to true completion.

Before I am in the position to take on another major project, I have to finish what I started. Project 365 was, from the beginning, a documentary project. The fact that it was so interesting from day to day that we lost some sight of the overall goal was just a happy accident. This project is far from over. I would even argue that the hardest part of it lies ahead.

Climbing is an activity I chose for this project because it was something I had a background in. It was a skill set I had developed on my own over years of practice. Editing a years worth of footage and photos into a documentary with a budget smaller than the sticker price on a 1999 Honda Civic–is going to be a tall order to say the least. That is the challenge that now faces me, and the answer to the question of what I will do next. I know that it seems that films can be produced overnight and possibly by magic–but I assure you that many hours worth of editing go into every single minute of finished footage that we enjoy in even the lowest budget productions.

Currently I am waiting for some computer equipment to arrive and once that is in place, the process can begin. In the meantime I am working on storyboarding and reviewing footage, journals and photos to sort out a storyline. Once that rough outline is in place, plugging in various clips should be simple enough. Then comes narration and scoring. Those are two things that may prove to be a lot more challenging than they would initially seem. But, I wanted a challenge and I am getting what I signed up for. With enough time and effort, it will happen.

Once the project is fully complete and the documentary piece is in place, I will be ready to celebrate–and I will be ready to share more concrete ideas for the next big thing. In the meantime, look for updates to the website (Project 365 Image and Video galleries) as well as blogs aplenty.  I have hinted that I have resumed training–and I hope to share some of that with you as well. I know that the next project will show itself when the time is right and I plan to be ready for it. Preparation starts now.