One year ago I started climbing in an attempt to share my vision of diabetes advocacy and empowerment. Today, on my 15th anniversary of my diagnosis with type 1 diabetes, I can’t really believe that it’s over. Maybe that’s because it’s not…

I have repeatedly gotten the question in the last few weeks: “What will you do once the project is finished? Will you stop climbing?”

In short my plans are as follows:

  • Take a week off to relax and establish a more permanent residence in Springdale Utah where Stefanie and I have decided to settle now that the project is complete.
  • Begin moving forward with creating a documentary out of the 2 terabytes of raw footage and photos that were captured over the course of this year.
  • Continue sharing the LivingVertical mission of empowering, inspiring and educating–naturally both on line and through in person presentations
  • Solidify my plans for the next LivingVertical climbing project, update the website and announce what I hope you all will find to be some exciting new goals as we refine our focus moving forward.

Regarding my personal climbing:

I have had a great opportunity to take on Project 365 and I learned a great deal about myself and developed as a climber. Having said that, Project 365 was not a focused athletic endeavor since so much of my effort was spent in travel, blogging, filming and establishing LivingVertical as an organization. I have been wearing literally every hat on the proverbial rack, and so while it may sound greedy, I have to admit that I have not “scratched the itch” in terms of my climbing. I look at the completion of Project 365 as the beginning of serious training and moving towards finding my limit in an athletic sense. The best is yet to come!