For the last several months I had been wringing my hands about where and how to complete Project 365. I had been getting the questions of “where?” a lot, and I had an internal battle raging as to this decision. One part of me was feeling like I havent done enough “bad-ass” stuff during this year and suggested that I really pull out the stops and try to summit some desert towers in Moab that I missed last spring, then finish the final day by doing a winter ascent of the Grand Teton.

After coming to grips with ice climbing over the last week and weighing the benefit of actually being able to enjoy the climbing as well as finishing off a project route that I have left sitting for the last 9 months…I have decided to pursue another direction. I will finish the project in Las Vegas (Red Rock, NV) where I will be able to devote priority to capturing footage with Nick Percell, our cameraman exraordinare, and where the last days will be a true culmination of the project, with my two main partners in this endeavor–Rob and my wife Stefanie.

To top it all off, I will finish the project climbing with a new partner, Jason Behrstock, a fellow type 1 climber from my home state of New York!

I met Jason through our Facebook page–he sent me a message while I was in New York and we tried to arrange a time to meet up and climb over the summer. The weather wasn’t favorable and rather than have Jason make the trip upstate from the city to get rained out, we opted to postpone climbing together.

Since that time, Jason has been an incredible support as we have navigated the ups and downs of this project. Knowing that there are others like me who have a similar vision of their diabetes combined with the love of challenge and climbing is in itself a huge encouragement! As the project has progressed, partnering with climbers like Jason and Martin and Jessica has made me realize that the idea of diabetes as an incentive to push limits rather than accept them is not just a figment of my own imagination but actually a legitimate (if understated) perspective!

You may also remember this route that I spent several days working this past spring–without success. It stuck in my craw a bit but I believe that I am ready to send at this point and I feel like sending this route with another type 1 climber while surrounded by Rob, Nick and Stefanie will be an awesome way to complete project 365–both from an athletic standpoint and from an idealistic one too!

Stay tuned for the play by play!