Winter is more or less here…and even the warm refuges of the southwest are begrudgingly submitting to the influx of less comfortable temperatures.

But it’s not all bad-while climbing has been a grind due to the abundant moisture, it has allowed for some beautiful pictures and moments that capture a very different Zion from the one most people experience in the warmer months.

So I figure if you can’t fight em’ the next best option is join em’! On that note I am heading north to try ice climbing with Rob who will be meeting me in Salt Lake City. I have wanted to try ice climbing for a long time since that is one arrow I really must have in my quiver if I am to be really capable in the big mountains.

Ice climbing is scary. It’s not comfortable. It’s cold and wet and contains new hazards that I am not used to managing. And maybe that’s the point of going north for now rather than south–it’s time to push my limits again to keep the growth happening.

So I got all packed up and I am hitting the road–with plenty of camera gear to chronicle my experience. This morning got off to a bumpy start with a series of over corrections to my blood sugar but I know with a little patience that will smooth out and not stop my progress.

I am still not 100% sure where the final days of project 365 will be, but stay tuned because I have a few ideas and I will be sharing them here once they are a little more certain!