Rather than offering a verbose explanation of the last several days, I wanted to give a concise update.

Stefanie and I have been on the road for 3 days; we left my dads in NY after an eventful thanksgiving and the Tufts University presentation and once we got all the gear in the car, it’s been a westward push with minimal interruption.

Along the way I have been climbing the most readily available things and getting all juiced up to arrive back in Utah!

Driving has been uneventful-but as always we have seen some remarkable sights that make it all memorable in its own way. My blood sugar has been pretty cooperative too–I think eating less is helping that out.



Tonight we will hopefully arrive in Zion (Springdale, UT) where we will be basing ourselves for the last stretch of the project. We have really found great friends here and a support system that will help us finish the project strong.

I have been asked a lot about where day 365 will find me–and I have not yet got an answer for that. I hope to share my thought process with you over the next few weeks and once I know, you’ll know!