Project 365 Q and A: post workout foods from Living Vertical on Vimeo.

Food, fitness and diabetes are a huge part of the focus of the P365 documentary–and food choices are unique to each persons dietary preferences and metabolic responses. I have learned through trial and error what works for me and looking for patterns and correlation between blood sugar levels and types of foods have been my method. It’s not always pretty but that’s been my strategy.

Be safe, test your blood sugar often and take note of what foods are better for you and which are not. While you’re at it, log your blood glucose test results at to help raise funds for diabetes supplies for those in need.

Speaking for myself, I know the Bigbluetest initiative has helped me to keep better track of my blood sugar and it incentivizes consistent monitoring and that is never bad.

So be part of the discussion! What foods work for you and why? We are all different and can benefit from sharing strategies!

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