I have been thinking about what I could do specifically for Diabetes awareness month that would bring something worthwhile to the table. Part of me felt like “hey, Project 365 is an ongoing and sizable contribution to raising awareness, so that should be good enough…right?”

At the end, I realized that this project is making a great impact and that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel–but rather I need to find a way to start a discussion and build something on the framework that we have been creating here over the last 295 days and 68,656 feet of climbing. What I am looking to gain is more connection, more interaction with people who are impacted by and following the project. The climbing is all well and good but your involvement is where it all ties together to make an impact.

•photo: Stefanie Richert

Our friends at Accu-Chek suggested doing a simple question and answer format dialogue. Here’s what this will look like: you post your questions on the Livingvertical Facebook page and I will select and discuss them via video and blogs which will be seen right here!

I plan to continue this for the remainder of November at least. I figure that by now everyone has a feel for the climbing part of the project and the day to day stuff–and there’s a whole documentary yet to come of that too, so I am excited to add a new dynamic to Project 365.

Since Hurricane Sandy I have been in the Northeast since I am restricting my travel and crashing at my dads place since the project funding is tapped out. We have been very appreciative of those who have contributed to our current campaign to help finish the project but it looks like we won’t meet that goal with the remaining 6 days.

I have been choosing to stay positive and use this opportunity to climb locally at my old gym in New Paltz and use this training facility to get stronger– which has been happening quite successfully!

•photo: Michelle Hoffman

Earlier in the project I had to struggle to complete V4 boulder problems and recently I have been sending V5s consistently and I even began making progress on a V6! That’s really encouraging to me since I haven’t been able to train power very much till now and it is helping me stay psyched as the project is struggling and I am marooned in the northeast where the weather is getting far less agreeable following the storm!

•photo: Michelle Hoffman

But there are some exciting developments coming up too as a result of my being in NY too–I will be able to attend a special event for WDD (world diabetes day) on the 14th and a Project 365 presentation on the 19th at Tufts University as a guest of the College Diabetes Network! These opportunities mean more chances to spread awareness and so oddly enough, being here while the weather is deteriorating may be a blessing in disguise!

I will be updating you whenever possible-in between climbing and filming. So post those questions up and let’s open a discussion. Tell your friends–PWD or no, climbers or flatlanders–all are welcome!