Before I get into this post I want to thank every single person who has shared, contributed financially, liked our posts, tagged our Facebook page, retweeted and mentioned us twitter. We have come a long way and accomplished a lot more than imagined at the outset. None of this would be happening without you–the reader, the supporter who gives freely of their time and attention and more!

In the remaining days of the project we are looking to raise $3,650 via our Indiegogo campaign, similar to the one we ran before starting the project. Please click below and check out the new video and some of the perks we have to offer! We are also looking to add approximately 200 people to our Facebook following (1000+ total!)

We need you to help us do this and I am challenging our supporters to help us keep this project rolling and reaching people. Tag us in posts and ask your friends to like our page. Email some of your friends. People give more attention to much less worthwhile things in a day online (think Honey Boo-Boo videos, political rants, memes etc) so why not Project 365? This is something everyone reading this can (and many of you HAVE) do/done. It costs nothing.

Financial contributions are always appreciated too and raising money is one of our goals in order to finish this project successfully. However I know that giving money isn’t right for everyone. Many of you already have and that has not been forgotten. Please consider sharing our project with other people you know. A lot of hands make light work.

We have 800 people following us on Facebook currently- and if every follower were to contribute  $10 we would more than double our funding goal and have enough funds to actually produce the documentary beyond the scope of the actual climbing itself!

I hate asking for help. However the more I have continued with this project I have been blessed and humbled by the undeniable fact that this venture could not have happened without the help of many of you who have given without hesitation. While I am doing the climbing, the act of climbing in isolation would have very little significance. The support and community that has come out of this project IS the project. The climbing is the vehicle, the conduit.

Having said that, it’s an amazing vehicle and I believe that will become even more evident as I have a chance to finish the project and catch you up on my recent adventures. The funding from our initial fundraiser last year, coupled with the money we secured from selling clothes and “stuff” from before we went on the road, carried us for almost 9 months without having to think about raising money. Now we are just trying to close the gap to get to day 365.

As a parting thought, these blogs and the pictures on Facebook and Instagram are only the tip of the iceberg. I just got the final stats and analytics from the interviews I did in Atlanta at the climbing event we participated in there–and I was blown away. I had no idea we had gotten out to so many people: There were 429 total radio and TV airings of my interviews on 253 stations, which reached a total of more than 8.7 million people.

Maybe that’s not a lot of people. I don’t do market research for a living. Maybe its a vastly amazing number. All I know is that when this first started I never dreamed we would come close to that number–and because of many small contributions we have been able to make an incredible beginning. If you are here reading this blog, that means that you have an appreciation on some level for what is being done–and what will be done in the future–so I am challenging you to help us take this next step.

Don’t just click away, thinking you can’t do anything. Every share, every “like”, every retweet, email, word of mouth…I only wish we could see the analytics on THAT–I feel like we would all be in for a big surprise to see just how many others we can reach when we are invested in a common goal!