I have been taking some time shooting some interview footage with Nick in our down time this week and we have been looking at pictures from earlier in the project.  Patience is something that I am learning a lot about as well as perspective–being patient and looking back to really take stock of all that has happened so far–has elevated my perspective. I have also received some wonderful support from many of you and I want you all to know that your energy and enthusiasm for this project matters. It matters on big days as well as small days, good days as well as insufferable ones. I have gotten helpful suggestions, some of you have shared our video on twitter, facebook and even on your own personal blogs! I have gotten encouragement and offers of climbing partnership as well. I appreciate you all.

Lastly I want to thank Nick and his wonderful family who have been SO welcoming during this time of moderate discomfort and bungled plans. I have been very well taken care of as I am looking towards day 227 of climbing.

I enjoyed these shots-I hope you do too.