Today I am flying back to Las Vegas to reunite with my car, license plates and camera gear. Some days feel like I am teetering on the brink of failure and looking forward into a bottomless abyss that is waiting to swallow hopes of success that have kept this improbable journey alive.

Before boarding I found out that Nick was involved in an accident which damaged his right knee and wrist. Knees and wrists are integral in the activities of climbing and operating camera equipment. To be fair he cant even drive, so our trip together must be shelved and I am going on from here alone. Again. Nick has always been a big part of the artistic vision for this project and I wish him the speediest and most bearable recovery possible.

I am also doing some basic accounting and we are struggling in that department. We have generated 324 likes on the video at at a ratio of 5 views to 1 like. We are doing everything we can on this end but even if every supporter of Project 365 liked the video we would barely break 1000 dollars.

The success of this project is going to come down to sharing and engaging YOUR networks and YOUR friends to generate the “likes” needed to close our funding gap to complete the project according to the vision we have been following.

I’ve always been a realist. When there is good news I’m psyched to share it. On the other hand, when things are looking bleak I’m not going to pretend they’re not. This project belongs to you and I want to be up front about the current situation.

I have seen some of our supporters really go out of their way to try and help us make it over the hump and that does not go unnoticed. Those of you who share and retweet and tag LivingVertical in your posts are much appreciated…and I am sure there are many things done on behalf of this cause that I am not aware of.

It’s good to stay hungry and it’s good to struggle, right? Maybe I have gotten soft mentally, thinking that we should have things sewn up since we got some press and some kudos with some major sponsorship. This has always been a shoestring operation and it probably always will be. I am ok with that.

I will go back out into the austere places that remind me how little our trivial concerns actually matter and I will find a way. I’m glad we had this little chat. I feel much better now.