I am beginning to feel as though I can’t even keep up with myself. I am all over the place! It seems like everywhere I go, when I run into acquaintances and friends I get puzzled looks and comments like “wait…what are you doing here? I thought you were in _______” Which ultimately leads me into a diatribe about the chaos that is my life and so on.

So while I am waiting for my plates to come in so that Nick and I can get on the road, I have been back in NY (flew back here late last week) spending some time with Stef and her dad who has been a big supporter and contributor to Project365. We got to climb at the Gunks on monday despite some rain and yesterday we explored the skytop area of the Mohonk Mountain house property.






Yesterdays climbing at the Mountain House Property was less about difficulty and more about enjoying some scenery and capturing some images on a beautiful day. Stefs dad and I enjoyed some banter over our respective camera choices–he was outgunning me on sheer firepower with a Nikon D7000 but I was capturing annoyingly clear images using just the iphone! As a recent convert to iphone-tography I know how irksome it can be, but the truth is they have some amazing capabilities! To whit:









Today we began working our way back down toward the city where I will be flying out in hopes of arriving in Vegas at the same time as my plates…but I still found some suitable “urban climbing” to entertain and fulfill the days requirements. Note the blue shirt–blue for diabetes awareness!It actually got kind of exciting for a moment when Stef thought she saw a security car driving up to investigate…as I was downclimbing I was rehearsing my explanation of just what in the hell I was doing up there…but there was no issue in the long run.


More updates will of course follow as relevant events unfold. I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the play by play as we move forward and take pictures of all the ensuing adventures!