Some exciting news to start the week off–but it may seem a little complicated, so bear with me!

I am totally psyched to officially announce that Nick will be back on the project and that he and I will be climbing together over the next several weeks, predominately in Northern California. This will bring us into the middle of September or so.

I am really excited to be able to have a friend on the road with me and I am even more excited to know that we will be capturing a great deal of media for the project since Nick is a professional photographer and his skill and enthusiasm for camera work always inspires me and elevates my photography.

My goal is to double the current amount of footage we have from the entire project in the next month and change. It will be a challenge but a fun one at that!

More good news…after Nick is done climbing with me, Stefanie will be joining me for the second half of September. Her schedule is allowing her to now take more time to rejoin the project each month which is unspeakably awesome. Many of you know that being without Stefanie is the biggest challenge I have faced. Climbing is hard, but you can steel yourself to that challenge. Being without the love of your life is something that you can’t ever prepare for–in reality you can barely deal with it from day to day!

So where am I now? Well my last day before my registration on my car expired was the 18th. As you know I am waiting for my plates to arrive in the mail, probably middle of this week. On the 18th I drove to Vegas after climbing in Zion. Rather than wait for the plates at Nicks in Vegas where it was a cool 100 degrees at 11pm…I have opted to take advantage of Stefanie’s time off this week and I was able to fly back to NY so I will be with her for the next couple of days and then I will return to Vegas by the time my plates arrive and then on to California!