The last several days I have been living out of my “new” car and driving west. I headed to Utah because I have to register my car here before I set off on the next leg of the project, which will take me somewhere into the Northwest.

The drive across the Midwest was tedious–largely because I had little time to stop and visit with friends and relatives since I have time constraints that are impending. To be fair I have a hard time relaxing in flat terrain and there is a lot of that between NY and UT!

My mind wandered a lot as I watched mile after mile of corn fly past. I thought about the developments of the past month and a half and I struggled with feelings of failure from a personal standpoint. I lost momentum on my filming and climbing. I had a lot of running around to do and found it harder and harder to “fit in” life on the road.

It has been very hard for me to feel good about the fact that I haven’t pushed myself climbing-wise for a good while. I am now trying to find balance in the desire to get back in a personal stride while still sharing the project with people.

What this means realistically speaking is that I am going to be prioritizing climbing whenever possible and using this next month to get my stride back–and to catch up on filming and photos in the mountains.

This will mean fewer blogs and less technological connections. Updating the Facebook page with photos and updates is likely to be happening with greater frequency since that can happen on the fly.

It’s time to get back to business. I feel like I have lost my edge and I am not ok with doing the bare minimum. I must push back and get back out on the edge. That’s where all the answers and the beauty of it all come together. See you out there!