Following the blogger summit was the AADE (Association of American Diabetes Educators) which is a trade show, where any company or group who has any involvement in things related to diabetes can set up a booth and demonstrate their products or services.

I was pretty nonplussed to see that High Fructose Corn Syrup had its own booth set up espousing the virtues of genetically modified sugary sweeteners that have infiltrated virtually every type of processed food. I had several interviews with Diabetes print publications to get to so I was sadly unable to share my dietary proclivities with those in attendance…

This evening I have no such engagements so I will fill you in. If my 203 consecutive days of climbing count for anything, let me assure you that it’s not “all the same”. Food choices mean the difference between living in fear of your diabetes vs your diabetes fearing the rigors you will put it through on a day to day basis. Your body CAN tell the difference between natural foods and ones that have been processed and modified.

Don’t like that opinion? Don’t kill the messenger. That’s just the data that I have recorded from rigorous blood glucose monitoring over 13 years and in all sorts of extreme environs. I may be an easily biased, whole foods zealot but my meter shares none of those sentiments and so I trust it to be objective when I cannot be.

Just saying.

Later that afternoon I got to meet up with some of the Accu Chek street team who were kind enough to take a photo with me and shared in the excitement of our partnership.
That evening, I was invited to participate in a panel discussion with several other diabetes advocates and CDEs (certified diabetes educators) at a gala which was hosted by Mario Lopez. It was fun getting to spend more time with my new friends and it was an honor to address all the people who attended the event.

I was pretty wired (nerves etc) and excited so I didn’t get too many photos but other advocates at the discussion got a bunch of photos which are floating around Facebook and Twitter!

During the event, they read a letter that a parent from the Atlanta event wrote in regards to her sons experience during our time there last week. This letter is the beginning of something great and is validation for what we all set out to achieve through Project 365. I have known for a while that the empowerment of climbing is tangible but hearing others with diabetes discover it for themselves made all of the logistical hassles of the last few weeks totally worth it.

I didn’t save the video properly so it’s aesthetically imperfect… but the audio is clear and that is what I hope you can focus on: click for the video clip

From Indianapolis I flew to Oregon for a couple days to meet up with Lee and Alan Paton to climb out at Smith Rock!



The Patons have been huge supporters of Project 365 from the outset and I only wish I had more time to spend with them; but we made the most of our day together-which just happened to be blue Friday (we wear blue every Friday to show solidarity for those fighting diabetes).



Following our time together out west, I flew back to Boston to be with Stefanie for her birthday (a day belated) and we spent the next 2 days doing easy bouldering and buildering and hanging out at the petting zoo with our niece and nephew.

Now Stefanie is off to work again and all that remains for me here is tying up some loose ends and paperwork and editing and getting back underway, hopefully heading west by Friday!