Hello there, Stefanie here.

With all that has been happening with LivingVertical/Project 365 the past week I felt it was about time I made another appearance on the blog.

Since I’ve said before I don’t do well with words, I’ll share in a way that I’m comfortable with.

I’ve always connected to music emotionally. Like the way no matter where I am or what I’m doing if I hear “Hotel California” or “Always a Woman”, I immediately become a child in the back seat of a Cadillac watching my fathers reflection in the rear view mirror but that’s a rather common reaction with nostalgic songs and smells. For whatever reason new songs can frequently elicit a strong emotional response from me immediately, I just assume it’s from my past years as a dancer.

I came across this cover of the Naked and Famous “Young Blood” while at first listen is seems to be a song about young love… it immediately summed up everything I had felt emotionally this past year of my life.  All of the ups, downs, sacrifices, doubts, laughter and tears that went into making Project 365 a reality.

As that number signifying my age grows, I wonder when will I stop feeling so young and naïve? Jumping feet first into something I’ve never done while having no idea if it will succeed while giving up all securities is easily the scariest thing I’ve ever done… and the first time I’ve truly tested myself. And for all the moments I sat sometimes with Stephen and sometimes alone dealing with changing moods and doubts as tears streamed down my face out of fear, now they stream down in pride.


I’m officially a year older… and reading the words of support and messages of thanks has made this the most amazing birthday yet…


Thank you. Thank you.