So in the last week you have seen our exciting partnership with Roche and possibly some of the many interviews I did while down at the climbing event in Atlanta. It’s a new dynamic for sure and one that we are adjusting to–because there are more opportunities to share this project than we have been used to dealing with.

I am currently in Indianapolis at the Roche Diabetes Blogger Summit where lots of folks who are similarly engaged in motivating and helping enrich the diabetes community get together and discuss and plan and compare notes. I am excited to be here and to be able to meet many of these folks and keep sharing project 365.

Wed is another conference for Diabetes Educators and I will get to share my story there too! Then…the wild ride of public appearances and cushy climbing gyms will be over as I return to the comfort of living out of a car and crushing it on real rock. Back to the office!

The time spent promoting the project is fueling my desire to go big and climb hard for the remaining days and I am getting more focused. Your support is always huge– please share the video at because the funding it will provide is critical to the success of project365.