Today I had the privilege of meeting and climbing with some wonderful young people at the worlds largest climbing gym, Stone Summit, in Atlanta GA. It was all pretty overwhelming, from the size of the gym to the energizing of the group around the objective of climbing!



As a facility, Stone Summit is massive but it is clean, friendly and fun. I am thankful to Daniel Luke for running such a tight ship and taking care of our needs while we were there. The staff that helped make today amazing (Josh, Haley and Wei Ming specifically!) are also greatly appreciated!

We launched yesterday as our partnership with Roche went public but today was about climbing with some awesome young people who share a love of adventure as well as type 1 diabetes with me.

I know that what appears on the blog is usually the high points–no one wants to immerse themselves in their hardships–but the weeks leading up to this event have been tough with a car breaking down, an itinerary getting messed up as a result, the chaos of not being able to say where I will be from one day to the next as well as trying to coordinate a few hours here and there to see my wife….while car shopping and climbing every day!

Blogging over the last few weeks was challenging as I found myself having to dig deep to find gems of motivation that would eclipse the feelings of despair that would come and go in waves.

Today, talking with these young people with diabetes it was as if I had dug myself out of a hole and was finally standing in the light of day again with a tangible grasp on why I am doing this. I saw them overcome fears and get excited about challenging themselves and that is enough to keep me going!

Tomorrow I have a LOT of interviews with radio and TV stations all over the nation. I am preparing for that first thing in the AM then one last day of climbing at Stone Summit, then heading north to regroup!

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