My cat, for one

And the worlds largest climbing gym for another- which is where we are headed. But that will be explored in more detail soon enough, because you may be putting two and two together and figuring out that there is more to this trip than meets the eye!

In other news, Stefanie has been adjusting to her new and chaotic schedule and is soon going to have more time to be with me! Thank goodness for scheduling wizardry!
Among other things this may mean more Kale chips when we can find a venue to do some cooking…

We stopped at my brothers place to see Mr Kitty and we were happy to have fresh Kale right out of the garden and a chance to visit with our favorite feline.

You may remember that when we headed out to start the project we left Mr Kitty with my brother who agreed to look after him–but kitty had other plans and ran away for a couple of weeks. Being a thousand miles away from him and knowing that he was in a new,strange place and feeling scared and abandoned was very very taxing emotionally since he has always been there for us, loving unconditionally…

So when we pulled into the driveway we were really worried that he would be resentful after we left him behind-but Stef was able to connect with him and he was super affectionate and obviously thrilled to see us!

That was such an overwhelming relief. He actually spent the night under our “new” car which has been dubbed “Denim Chicken”. It was really obvious that he has been enjoying himself and living large in our absence, while making friends with my brothers family and their cats…


We got back on the road today and drove as far as Ashville,NC and on the way I wound up having a close call with a traffic infraction–which would have been really really sour. I am not used to a car that actually accelerates when you press on the gas! Denim Chicken gets it done on the interstate!

Stay tuned for more blogs and FB updates this week…big news ahead…