Let me preface this by saying that many of you have been supporting us since we had only an idea and very little to show for it–and now we have made a major step forward and we are excited to show you what that idea you nurtured has grown into! Thank you for believing in us all along.

Atlanta wasn’t on the original itinerary for Project 365–and as you may have guessed there was a pretty important reason for us to head down here. There has been a lot that I have been dying to share with you that I have had to hold off on–until now!

Roche, the makers of Accu-Chek products has put their support behind LivingVertical and is highlighting our Project 365 on a site they created to promote awareness of diabetes and help us share our mission to empower people living with diabetes!

A couple of weeks ago when the Dragon Wagon died, you all wanted to help out and now you CAN! By visiting www.stevesmountain.com and “liking” our video you will be securing a $1 donation (one “like” =$1 for LV) from Roche to our project!

A single dollar per like means that maximizing this fundraising drive will hinge on your sharing this video! We need your help and in the end we will have the funding we need to complete this project AND we will reach more people than we could have hoped to reach on our own!

To launch this partnership Roche organized a free climbing event that I will be hosting at Stone Summit in Atlanta today (come on out if you’re in the area it’s an AMAZING facility!) where I will be meeting and climbing with a group of folks who are living with diabetes.

Over the course of the event and the day following I will be doing about 50 media interviews with radio and tv stations all over the US. I am overwhelmed at all of this…it’s so…grown up! But it means that we are getting the word out and that’s what this is all about!

I look forward to sharing more about the event after the fact–in the meantime please share and like the video at www.stevesmountain.com ! We are thankful to you all for your support that has led us to this point-and we are psyched to have Roche on our team as we move forward into the second half of Project 365!