Being back in NY for a time has been an interesting experience–and has caused me a bit of reverse culture shock. I have been making the best out of the climbing locally and during my recent trip into Manhattan, I got to explore the bouldering in Central Park.

I needed to be in the city anyway so it worked out well. For me, the city is much more intimidating than hanging off an isolated rock face out in the middle of nowhere!

I actually enjoyed being able to walk everywhere–it definitely took the sting out of being car-less for a couple of days! It was a struggle not to climb on the building facades as they were longer and better quality climbing than the boulders in Central Park…but my desire to avoid the label of “felon” kept me on the ground.

I made some new friends like Jamie here–climbing in such a populated area does afford a really nice opportunity to meet people and share the joy of climbing!

I am actually getting more excited about bouldering since my attention has been more focused on roped climbing up till now.




Then on my second day climbing in NYC I was joined by Maria, one of LivingVerticals first and most ardent supporters who came out to crank on some boulders and visit.




This week I am back upstate and working on finding a car in between climbs. I alluded to exciting news last week that necessitated this visit to the city–and next week there will be more details, so stay tuned!