I have a lot going on and very little constants in my life other than diabetes and climbing. I don’t know if its possible for life to be more abnormal than this.

That said I am enjoying some aspects of being back at my childhood home with my dad. Sharing a car with him is a challenge and I think I had more space in the dragon wagon than in my old room here but it’s a reasonable trade off for the running water and refrigeration.

Being in NY has afforded me a chance to see Stefanie for the second time since early May. If it wasn’t apparent from the last still frame in my Yosemite video, Stefanie is now a flight attendant for a major commercial airline which is one of the only jobs that is almost as chaotic as mine. Don’t laugh. I may not be punching a clock but this is project is more work than any of the jobs I have been paid to do in my past!

In any event Stef is based in NYC and staying with family so I am geographically closer to her but logistics keep us apart since she is on call 6 days a week and I am several hours from the city.

So we are both going 50 different directions, living back with relatives to get through this time of upheaval and somehow surviving. I would go as far as to say “thriving”.

The project is not a cream puff but it’s beginning to blow up (in a good way,stay tuned!) and Stefs job is going to yield dividends in terms of travel benefits in the future when it is time to tour the country to present our finished documentary!

It’s like building a foundation-laying blocks, course upon course and the more progress you make, the deeper in you find yourself. It takes time until you can climb out of the hole and can see from above, and the floor plan begins to come into focus.

That’s what we are telling ourselves. I’ll be honest and tell you that I only laid blocks for two summers and I was intolerably incompetent…

The personal element of this project continues to eclipse the climbing in terms of difficulty…but the climbing is still progressing! I got out at my home crag in the Hudson Valley with Jess, a fellow T1 and certified diabadass!


It was my first time sharing a rope with another T1 outdoors and it reinforced my stereotype of T1Ds as being able to crush it on command.

Moments like this remind me of why we are doing all of this in the first place–and confirms that it’s worth the struggle.


Also we got to witness a quick rain shower which was a real treat considering that the west where I have been up till this point is dryer than a box of stale Triscuits.


So, progress is at hand and there are growing pains that go hand in hand with that. Tomorrow I will be heading down to Manhattan for some bouldering in Central Park and to handle some business that I alluded to in yesterday’s blog. Maybe chasing rainbows is the pot of gold in itself. I’ll report back!