don't look back... from Living Vertical on Vimeo.

So what does this mean, big picture?

It doesn’t mean the project is going to stop–I haven’t yet missed any days of climbing. It does mean that I have had to climb some things that I wouldnt put on a postcard, but such adaptation has been forced by dire straights and is all part of what I signed up for.

It does mean that the itinerary may change a bit. It does mean that I have to find new wheels and it has had a financial impact on me personally though not on the project–I budgeted vehicular expenses as my personal responsibility not a project expense.

Now, several of you who support the project, have been reaching out to help in this time of crisis and I want to speak to this: first off thank you! I am so moved by the offers of help from so many of you–it is very encouraging to know how important this project is beyond what I can see day to day as I climb.

If you want to help, you can! I know many of you have offered money and while that is generous and can be a big help to the project I want everyone to know that a significant opportunity is around the corner whereby we may be getting a “shot in the arm” from an exciting new sponsor. The loomings of this opportunity initiated my trip east in the first place, and now in a serendipitous twist it is beginning to click together.

This is a tricky time because I am not immediately able to say much more than that about this development as it is still in progress–but I want sufficient disclosure for those of you who wish to help. This doesn’t mean that LivingVertical is home free but it means that growth is happening and that could not have happened without your support from the get-go.

We still need your support–but there are soon going to be ways coming to light that you can help us through your social media pages to get funding without having to directly give us anything but your time. I can’t in good conscience ask you all to dig deep and help us to cover costs financially without sharing that there are some exciting alternatives on the way. The choice is yours and I value any and ALL support–I will keep using my time and means, such as they are, to keep on climbing and pushing limits of diabetes in the vertical world.

Every like, every share, every helpful comment, every dollar and every referral counts…without you all this project is just one person climbing. With your support this thing is growing bigger and is reaching further than I could have hoped!