Today was my last day climbing at City of rocks for a time–maybe months, maybe longer. I finished with about 200 feet of 4th/ easy 5th class soloing. I am leaving tonight to pick up Rob and then on to more adventures!

Leaving the “city” I drove past Camp Rock. This is a historical landmark, a large overhanging boulder at the junction of the erstwhile California and Utah trails where 19th century pioneers signed their names in axle grease to commemorate their journey.




Hundreds of years ago people not that different from me passed through this place on their own journey. They had plenty of hardships and challenges that seemed very important at the time just like I do. Just like each of us does.

Hundreds of years later no one remembers those hardships. No one really even knows their names. Our human experience here is like a vapor. The only thing that remains is the evidence that people were here and that they wanted something better than accepting their current lives.

The significance of the larger struggle against our limitations will be felt long beyond the time when our individual hardships have stopped mattering.

On a less cryptic note to end this post, I want to thank my good friend “The” Hammer for going out of his way to make sure I got the replacement charger for my Dexcom unit. I accidentally broke the original one in Seattle after unplugging it and I was quite distraught. Without friends like this I would be flying blind.