CoR in Timelapse (City of Rocks, ID) from Living Vertical on Vimeo.

I am pretty excited about the timelapse footage I got in Idaho–I am appreciating the fact that the artistic aspect of this project is giving me a bit of solace from only focusing on climbing and risking burnout. This creative footage is something that I can see results with immediately and it helps give me perspective on the fact that I am living in the moments which will be compiled into a larger collective once all is said and done.

It was really random and fortuitous that I got to meet Austin in City of Rocks–he has an amazing collection of work and I only wish I had more time and Sharpies to have him fill up all the space on the Dragon Wagon

I am also really psyched at how the Dragon Wagon is beginning to tell a story on its own. When I pulled into the park at Snoqualmie Falls, I made a new friend named Dennis. I don’t know if he reads this blog. I don’t think he follows us on Facebook. He was working with a crew of maintenance fellows taking care of the park and walked over to me when I got out of the car. He smiled and said, “You sure have a lot of friends!”.

I thought to myself, that really is true–and the Dragon Wagon is beginning to tell a story on its own–a real-life blog that takes a second to read and that everyone seems to want to “comment” on. I don’t know how much Dennis knows about Type 1 Diabetes based on our encounter–but he at least knows that it doesn’t have to keep you grounded. Some people want to know a lot, others just want to write on a car with a Sharpie. I may not be teaching a masters course on endocrinology, but people won’t soon forget the Dragon Wagon and what it stands for: pushing the limits of life with Type 1 Diabetes–simply.