This week has been a flurry of running errands, making monkey-fist chokers, promoting our DHF Seeds grant  video (which still needs your support!) and making sure that all of the excess stuff has been trimmed down, mailed or sold, and that all my meds are secured—all in preparation for the next move into Yosemite. Being honest, I have to say that handling all of these tasks alone has been some of the darkest time for me personally–because so little is in my control. Climbing, the one area where I go to exercise control (or some semblance of it) has been uninspiring and not super aesthetic in the San Diego area.

Ups and downs I guess, that’s the plot. Sorry for the spoiler.

But…in addition to the “downs” there have been some very significant ups. For starters, I have been SO overwhelmed by the support you have shown our project in the voting for the DHF grant. It makes me feel like perhaps I am not as alone as I feel–and that is very encouraging. Stef has been very overwhelmed as well with her new, intensive job training but she has been doing very well despite 12 hour days with take home studying on the side. That usually leaves us about 5 minutes (if that) to speak every day but the amazing support for our project has been a recurring theme and has been elevating both of us as we buckle down to get our work done.

The people I have met through this project are some of the most excellent people I have had the pleasure of meeting–and while some people who I expected would be leading the pack in support of our efforts have been MIA, I have seen old friends and those that I never would have expected to care–step up and fill those voids and surpass my wildest expectations. Your support is a very powerful thing and I want you all to know that every “like” every “share” and “retweet” and email, every contribution, every extension of information or offer of hospitality…all of it…is what led me to this point and what will lead me beyond in the next several months.

So up till this point, I have been dangling my feet in the water, regarding living the climbing lifestyle. My plan was to “ease into it” during the winter and the spring and then take the plunge mid-late spring by living on the road and bumming it. Up til this point I have been back and forth between various climbing destinations and San Diego where we have been crashing at need. Up to this point I’ve had couches to sleep on and some semblance of a workspace. Sure there were clusters of days here and there where I’d wake up with sand in my teeth from sleeping in the dirt, but those were always the exception, not the rule.

Now it’s day 128. I’ve climbed 33,020 feet. I think my feet are wet by now. Once I pull up stakes here, the adventure will be dialed up a few clicks. Sounds fun, right? Basically it means that every single aspect of my life will be as minimal (and by extension, uncertain) as can be. Living out there in the mountains, on the rock in the dirt and telling the story as I go. As you may know, I feel very accountable to my readers. You have given me a lot–and I want to do the same in return.

Living “between worlds” where I have a couple weeks between trips  in San Diego to edit, upload, blog etc has given me the luxury of  providing that right up front. Now, I am heading into the belly of the beast–and I going to be blogging less. My goal is to solidly blog once every week with more when I have the opportunity. My goal is to write over the weekends and publish monday AM. I may wind up having a lot more access to space and time to post up and that would be great–but I’m not counting on it. I want you to understand what is happening and why.

I have also been able to give more “play by play” narratives and  as we move forward with fewer blogs, more and bigger climbs, there will be a broader view with a variety of photos. The story will have to come together before it can be fully recounted and told in full detail.

While there is a part of me that worries about my coming inability to hover over our email inbox and Facebook page, I know that once again, I must let go and step away in order for the real meat and potatoes of this project to fully manifest. Overall, it is encourages me because we have not even scratched the surface and I know that I can trust the constant support that you have given us to continue.

So as I go and hang it out there and put more on the line than ever before, for longer periods than before…here are a few things I’d like to ask of you:

  • Please be patient. That means that I can’t respond to your comments or emails as fast as I’d like–but I still need to hear from you and I need your support so don’t just assume that I’m too busy to care what you have to say.
  • Please follow us on Facebook if you haven’t already. Updating there is something that I can do from my 1990’s era idiot-phone so that is likely to be more active than this blog at times.
  • Please help us get more followers on Facebook by directing your friends to our page.
  • Please share our DHF video link with all the voting rules until June 15th–you guys are doing AWESOME and I’d love to see that support for our proposal keep growing!
  • If you’re in CA and are visiting Yosemite, come find the Dragon Wagon and say hi, or come climbing or hiking or whatever!