Today signifies the beginning of the next step in Project 365. We have made it to the final selection in the Diabetes Hands Foundation Seeds micro grant and YOU will be the determining factor (based on your votes) in whether or not we are awarded this $2,000 grant to produce our documentary.

Here’s how it works (please follow these steps exactly!):

  1. Click THIS LINK
  2. Click on the Project 365 video! (It’s got some new stuff in there from our time in Moab and some cool timelapses!)
  3. In the upper right hand corner of the video screen there is a “Share” button, below the “Heart”. Click this and SHARE /LIKE our video on your social media accounts.
  4. When sharing on the video…you must “like”  or share the video THROUGH the DHF Vimeo page for votes to register, regardless what social network(s) you’re using to spread the word!!!!
  5. You don’t have to have a Vimeo account to do any of the above actions.
  6. If you DO have a Vimeo account, CLICK THE HEART TOO (it’s another vote)!!!
  7. Get YOUR friends to pass this on as well.

Here are some facts that you should know in addition:

  1. This grant is to fund the production of the Project 365 documentary, not the climbing project itself–it would not be accessible for our use until the documentary goes into production.
  2. All “social media love” counts as a vote. Like and share our project on as many of your accounts as you can.
  3. Please make sure to be clear when sharing this that you must like the video ON the DHF Vimeo page for votes to register!!!!
  4. If you post the video on your FB and people “like” that post…no votes are tallied. Any support must be visible through the Vimeo page.
  5. Please take the time to share this and to get your friends to show their support as well. This costs nothing and can make a huge impact on the success of this project.

This project started as an idea which has been steadily growing because you bet on us. Because you contributed to our campaign. Because you sent us an email that said “don’t stop: your message is important”. Because you sent us gear that made our lives livable and our climbs safer. Because you opened your homes to us. Because you are building onto the structure we are creating together, every time you spend your time reading this blog or spread the word about this project.

You have invested in what we are doing on many levels and now I would like to ask you to help your investment succeed. Maybe you just lurk this blog and never comment. Maybe you never like our posts on Facebook or don’t even have and account in the first place and just assumed that you weren’t part of this event because you don’t climb or don’t have diabetes. I’d like to invite you consider a very different perspective.

This project is about sharing an idea–not about me, not about climbing or even type 1 diabetes per se. Sharing can’t happen in a bubble and so even the most remote lurker is at the very heart of what this project is about!