This is a video from the footage of our 111th day climbing, when we surpassed the “Everest” mark of 29,029 feet. Of course it was just “another day out climbing” but this video has some cool shots and was the last of the video that Stef shot (and she went to pretty great lengths to get this footage, so that fact makes it more significant than it already was due to the aesthetics of the shots). I want to extend special thanks to the guys from Scale the Summit, whose music is in the background of this video–they allowed me to use their music for free and are big supporters of Project 365!

Stef update: It has been tough trying to connect with Stef since she is on EDT and I am on Pacific/Stephen time (I am nocturnal and perpetually late!) so that has been a challenge. I know that Stef has been reading all of the well-wishes on the site and the FB page and she appreciates the encouragement–as do I!

I have been thinking about the direction that I should go over the last few days and that has been very very laborious because I don’t want to make the wrong decision. I don’t want to dilute the experience that I am building on and I feel a bit off balance without Stef here. I always run my blog posts and video edits past her because she tells me when my death-metal music selection sucks or that my blog-rant is super offensive and I should think twice about publishing it. I agonize over decisions that are usually meaningless and it is usually the terse reminder from my wife that I am making a bigger deal than necessary that frees me from the minutia that seizes me from time to time.

Some people can’t wait to go climbing and get away from their wives. I’ve never understood that since I probably wouldn’t be much of a climber without my wifes support. Her vision for me always has exceeded my own. I still see myself as a 5.7 gym climber. She always saw me as freeing Moonlight Buttress. Somewhere between those perspectives lies the reality…and that’s what I am trying to find.

After thinking excessively about where to go next, I am realizing that my path is already in place. It is already there–I just need to find and acknowledge it. I stopped thinking about what I want and just let go and tried to see where my next step was. Like reading the rock–it is all there long before you approach it. There is a path there, you just have to open yourself to what is there and connect the dots.

My path is leading me north, into the mountains. I am torn, once again because I honestly love my friends in Zion so much and I have been so honored and humbled by the love and friendship that they extended to me during my time there. But I know that I need to continue to push on and face the unknown and the challenges that lie to the north and not swerve, even to be with those closest to me.

The gains I made in Zion were due to the partnership of Rob and the fact that I knew he could carry my weight so to speak, so I was able to push harder than I ever have. Now, I have to develop myself and solidify those gains so that I can give back that same confidence as a partner–because I know that before long, Rob and I will be partnering together for larger objectives, well beyond the scale of anything seen here so far and the work being done now will pay off down the road in the fall/winter!

So here’s to the future: to suffering, to rain, thunder, to the open road, mountains and glaciers–to seas of granite and creaking crevasses. Oh, and to homelessness. My path lies north–Yosemite, the Sierra Nevadas, Cascades, Squamish, and the Bugaboos. Anyone down for some adventure? Get at me if you want to climb!